Why Choose HemaCare

Whether your company is a small start-up or a fortune 500 pharmaceutical giant, consistent, reliable, customizable starting material is essential to your success. High-quality human primary cells are the foundation for any experiment and can significantly impact downstream applications. With services available globally, HemaCare is the leading provider of high-quality human cellular material.

State-of-the-art Facility

HemaCare has relocated its operations and corporate headquarters to a larger, state-of-the-art facility with four GMP-compliant cleanrooms. This new center of excellence addresses the growing demand for GMP-compliant processing, isolation, and cryopreservation of individual cell types and tissues. HemaCare’s 40,000 square foot GMP-compliant facility also facilitates the receipt and storage of human primary cells, tissues, and sample collections on site. Facility features:

  • On-site FDA-registered, GMP/GTP-compliant collection center
  • Cell processing and isolation laboratory
  • GMP-compliant cell processing capabilities
  • Large GMP-compliant biorepository for healthy and patient material storage

Apheresis Collection Expertise

HemaCare is the industry’s leader in apheresis collection, having successfully performed over 300,000 apheresis procedures over 40 years of expert practice. HemaCare has optimized cell collection by controlling and qualifying the apheresis process within cGMP and cGTP requirements. All aspects of HemaCare’s apheresis collection is managed by a stringent quality systems framework and robust Standard Operating Procedures. HemaCare’s apheresis services support process development, clinical trials, and commercialization.

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GMP Biologics and Services

The cell therapy industry relies on the highest quality starting material in order to bring “live” cell therapies to the market. HemaCare’s GMP-compliant leukapheresis collection, bone marrow aspiration, and human primary cell processing are performed on-site in our GMP-compliant facility. HemaCare’s biomedical services include collection and processing of autologous patient material and allogeneic donor starting material, with GMP-compliant cryopreservation. Flexible production environments and optimized workflows enable HemaCare to address customers’ increasingly complex logistics requirements and provide sufficient scalability to support their global customer base, which includes most of the top cell therapy companies in the world.

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Largest Pedigreed Donor Pool with Diverse Backgrounds

HemaCare maintains positive donor relationships through outreach and committed donor recruitment efforts. HemaCare’s world-class apheresis donor pool is the largest in the industry, providing high-quality biological material from a wide selection of recallable donors. HemaCare carefully screens and characterizes all healthy and disease-state donors, allowing customers an extensive choice of inclusion and exclusion criteria, from age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle characteristics, demographics, blood and HLA-type, and more. HemaCare has processes in place to easily customize the collection criteria to meet the researchers needs

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Customized Cells

Clients can request customized cell and tissue orders to meet their unique requirements, giving them the flexibility to optimize their research and product development. Whether it is customizing cell collection or isolation methods, recruiting or pre-screening donors with specific criteria, requesting recallable donors, or fulfilling specific packaging and shipping requirements, leveraging our robust donor pool and 40 years of biomedical expertise will give your project an invaluable head start.

Highest Quality Control Standards

HemaCare is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to scientists and clinicians across the globe. Customers can expect HemaCare to continuously improve their processes, products, and services to meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. HemaCare aims to provide optimal starting material so cell therapies continue to reach their market potential and improve patient health. HemaCare is aligned with best-in-class partners and all products pass rigorous quality control standards prior to shipment to a customer.

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