Assisting the scientific community by providing researchers with the human primary cells, blood components, and tissue they need to advance research.

At HemaCare, we are committed to handling the logistics of providing human derived biological products so you can focus on your research to ultimately find a cure. Providing customized, high-quality, consistent, viable human primary cells, blood components, tissues, and apheresis collection services while preserving the well-being of our large, diverse donor pool is the focus of our business.

Superior Quality

Human cells and tissue are critical raw materials for your project, but often introduce significant variability. We have optimized our operational controls, quality systems, and analytical capabilities to ensure you are receiving high performing cells – we guarantee viable cell counts and high purity.

Choices, Choices, and more Choices

Different projects require different tissues and cell types. At HemaCare, we offer a variety of hematopoietic cell types derived from different tissue sources. Browse our catalog to see our offering. Don’t see the cells you need? Contact our team or complete our Custom Products/Projects form to inquire about custom cell isolation services.

Our Donors Make the Difference

Donors are the critical source for any research project. Over the years, we have recruited and developed our own healthy donor pool consisting of a wide range of diverse demographics and parameters, which gives us the critical information we need to hand pick specific donors to meet researchers' needs. Because of our long standing relationship with our donors, we can also recall past donors for repeat collections. Accordingly, we have created a "pedigreed" donor pool that is unparalleled in the industry.