How to Remove HypoThermosol® from Fresh Cells

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Removal of HypoThermosol® from Fresh Cells

Upon receiving your cells, IMMEDIATELY remove the HypoThermosol® biopreservation media. HypoThermosol® is a novel, engineered, optimized hypothermic storage and shipping media product designed to provide maximum storage and shipping stability for biologics at 2-8°C.

HemaCare is not responsible for any cell loss due to ensuing processing, or improper storage or handling.

Materials Needed

  • Sterile conical centrifuge tubes, 15mL or 50mL
  • Washing buffer:
    • PBS + 2% serum
    • RPMI + 2% serum


  • Always wear personal protective equipment and use universal precaution when working with human-derived biological materials.

The protocol describes a general procedure for removing HypoThermosol®. For cell-specific protocols, please contact our scientists at (877) 944-4362.


Note: Since the cells are shipped on ice, it is important that the washing steps are done with cold buffers and washing steps are performed on ice.

  1. Prepare a conical tube with 10 times the volume of the cell suspension of cold wash buffer.
  2. Gently pipet cells in HypoThermosol® repeatedly to suspend.
  3. Transfer resuspended cells to conical tube with wash buffer.
  4. Wash the shipping vial with clean wash buffer and gently pipet, as some cells may stick to the wall of the vial. Add to cell suspension in conical tube.
  5. Spin at 350-400 x g for 15 minutes at 4°C.
  6. Remove supernatant and resuspend cells in media of choice.

Tips and Tricks

  1. If you are ready to use your cells, the best way to treat them at room temperature is to put them into media with a protein component, like serum. At ambient or warm temperatures, the cells are usually in isotonic media like PBS or other culture media.
  2. The washing buffer should be isotonic to the cells, eg saline or PBS.
  3. Choice of cell media depends on the cell type, intended use, and storage, if necessary (not recommended as primary cells are quite fragile).

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