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Product Overview:

Serum is the fluid portion of the blood obtained after removal of the fibrin clot and blood cells, distinguished from the plasma in circulating blood.

Serum is collected in HemaCare’s FDA-registered collection centers from IRB consented healthy human donors. Serum is collected from peripheral blood in a plain or Serum Separator Tube.

Storage Conditions:

Use fresh serum immediately upon receipt.

For cryopreserved serum, storage at -80°C is acceptable.

Testing: Donors are tested for HBV, HCV, HIV, HTLV, WNV, Trypanosoma cruzi, and Syphilis.


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Clemens Busse, Mojdeh Heidary Navid, Andreas Strubel, Paul Schnitzler
July 2013


Syphilis in Serum Now Detected by ELISA

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Fresh Peripheral Blood Serum
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