Peripheral Blood




>95% by flow cytometry

Contains:Autologous plasma, HypoThermosol®, or customer specific media upon request
Contains:CryoStor® CS10

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1 Bag PB001F-1
$3,250.00 Fresh
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1/2 Bag PB001F-2
$2,200.00 Fresh
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1/4 Bag PB001F-3
$1,900.00 Fresh
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500 x 106 PB001F-4
$1,200.00 Fresh
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10 x 106 PB001F-5
$350.00 Fresh
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SoloPak 2-2.5 x 109 TNC/bag PB001LCLP
Guaranteed granulocyte count <15%
$3,500.00 Cryopreserved
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TwoPak 2-2.5 x 109 TNC/bag PB001LCLP2-KIT
Guaranteed granulocyte count <15%
$5,500.00 Cryopreserved
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FourPak 2-2.5 x 109 TNC/bag PB001LCLP4-KIT
Guaranteed granulocyte count <15%
$7,500.00 Cryopreserved
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SixPak 2-2.5 x 109 TNC/bag PB001LCLP6-KIT
Guaranteed granulocyte count <15%
$9,500.00 Cryopreserved
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Full Collection PB001CLP-1-KIT
$7,500.00 Cryopreserved
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Product Overview:

A leukopak is an enriched leukapheresis product collected from normal peripheral blood. It is composed of a variety of blood cells including monocytes, lymphocytes, platelets, plasma, and red cells. A leukopak contains a higher concentration of cells as compared to standard venipuncture collection methods or buffy coat products.

Leukopaks are collected in HemaCare’s FDA-registered collection centers from IRB consented healthy human donors by leukapheresis using the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System CMNC collection protocol in ACD-A anticoagulant. Cryopreserved leukopaks are cryopreserved on site immediately following collection.

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Storage Conditions:

Use fresh leukopaks immediately upon receipt.

For cryopreserved leukopaks, either prepare cells for long-term storage in Liquid Nitrogen vapor phase or thaw for use. Storage in liquid phase nitrogen is NOT recommended. Short-term storage of cells (less than 2 weeks) at -80°C is acceptable but should be minimized to ensure maximum stability. Once thawed, samples must be used immediately.

Testing: Donors are tested for HBV, HCV, HIV, HTLV, WNV, Trypanosoma cruzi, and Syphilis.

Fresh Leukopak

WBC yield vs Total Number of Donors; Data on HemaCare Fresh LeukopakWBC subpopulation from a HemaCare Fresh Leukopak
Analysis of white blood cell yield and frequency in 2,490 apheresis donors with mean yield being 12.7 x 109 cells/donor and 5th (light blue line) and 95th (purple line) percentiles of 6.4 and 22.9 x 109 (cells/donor).Mean percentages of individual WBC types as measured by flow cytometry.

Cryopreserved Leukopak

Preserved WBC yield following cryopreservation. Results showed that there was no significant decline in total WBC counts. Average total WBC count is 1,905 x106 cells/leukopak unit immediately following cell collection, 1,836 x106 cells/unit at 1 month post cryopreservation, and 1,731 x106 cells/unit at 4 months post cryopreservation.Preserved WBC viability following Cryopreservation. Results showed that there is no statistically significant decline in viability. Average WBC viability is 99.0% for fresh leukopaks, 95.8% at 1 month, and 95.0% at 4 months post cryopreservation.

Cryopreserved Leukopak Material Handling Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

Fresh Leukopak
Cryopreserved Leukopak


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