In an effort to provide you with consistent and continuous high-quality cellular material coast-to-coast, HemaCare and Cellero are harmonizing their product offering.  Below, in the product harmonization matrix, you will find a list of Cellero products that we will be aligning in the upcoming months. For more information, click on the HemaCare catalog number to learn about each replacement product.

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Product DescriptionCellero SKUCellero Size HemaCare SKUHemaCare Size
Fresh Human Peripheral Blood Products
Leukopak1871212.5L BVP (~15B TNC)PB001F-1Full Collection (~12.7B TNC)
1871110L BVP (~10B TNC)
187077.5L BVP (~7.5 B TNC)PB001F-2Half Collection (~6.4B TNC)
187055L BVP (~5B TNC)
Whole BloodE0071500 mL (CPDA-1)PB000F-1-KIT450 mL
E0026500 mL (CPD)
E010051-100 mLPB000F-3-KIT100 mL
E00501-50 mLPB000F-2-KIT10 mL
PlateletsE5597Triple apheresis unitPB002F-1Triple apheresis unit (300B cells)
E5587Double apheresis unit
E5577Single apheresis unit
Cryopreserved Human Peripheral Blood Products
Leukopak1971315L BVP (~20B TNC)PB001LCLP6-KitSixPak (12-15B TNC)
1971212.5L BVP (~15B TNC)
1971110L BVP (~10B TNC)PB001LCLP4-KitFourPak (8-10B TNC)
197051/2 CollectionPB001LCLP2-Kit
TwoPak (4-5B TNC)
197021/4 CollectionPB001LCLPSoloPak (2-2.5B TNC)
PBMCs10075-10 x 10e6 cellsPB009C-110 x 10e6 cells
100025-49 x 10e6 cellsPB009C-225 x 10e6 cells
100150-99 x 10e6 cellsPB009C-5050 x 10e6 cells
Dendritic Cells10101-2 x 10e6 cellsPB010C-12 x 10e6 cells
Neutrophils - Neg Sel10255-10 x 10e6 cellsPB011C-110 x 10e6 cells
Pan T Cells - Neg Sel10175-10 x 10e6 cellsPB03NC-15 x 10e6 cells
CD4+ T Cells - Neg Sel10235-10 x 10e6 cellsPB04NC-110 x 10e6 cells
Naive CD4+ T Cells10475-10 x 10e6 cellsPB0445RAC-15 x 10e6 cells
Memory CD4+ T Cells10875-10 x 10e6 cellsPB0445RONC-110 x 10e6 cells
CD8+ T Cells - Neg Sel10415-10 x 10e6 cellsPB08NC-15 x 10e6 cells
Memory CD8+ T Cells10865-10 x 10e6 cellsPB0845RONC-15 x 10e6 cells
Monocytes10085-10 x 10e6 cellsPB14/16NC-110 x 10e6 cells
100910-20 x 10e6 cells
CD19+ B Cells10265-10 x 10e6 cellsPB19NC-110 x 10e6 cells
NK Cells - Neg Sel10971-5 x 10e6 cellsPB56NC-15 x 10e6 cells
10245-10 x 10e6 cells
NK Cells10275-10 x 10e6 cellsPB56C-15 x 10e6 cells
Plasma100501 mLPB006C-12 mL
Serum100511 mLPB007C-12 mL
Fresh Human Mobilized Peripheral Blood Products
Leukopak - GCSF (4 Day)
[10μg; collection on Day 5]
1875110L BVPM001F-GCSF-2Full Collection (1 Bag)
1875212.5L BVP
1875315L BVP
Leukopak - GCSF (5 Day)
[10μg; collection on Day 6]
1876110L BVPM001F-GCSF-3Full Collection (1 Bag)
1876212.5L BVP
1876315L BVP
Leukopak - GCSF (5 Day)
[10μg; collection on Day 5
and 6]
1874110L BVPM001F-GCSF-4Full Collection (2 Bags)
1874212.5L BVP
1874315L BVP
Leukopak - GCSF (5 Day)
[5μg; collection on Day 5 and 6]
1873110L BVPM001F-GCSF-4Full Collection (2 Bags)
1873212.5L BVP
1873315L BVP
Leukopak - Plerixafor (1 Day)
[Collection on Day 1]
1888110L BVPM001F-MOZ-1Full Collection (1 Bag)
1888212.5L BVP
1888315L BVP
Cryopreserved Human Mobilized Peripheral Blood Products
CD34+ Stem Cells10160.5-1 x 10e6 cellsM34C-GCSF-11 x 10e6 cells
10290.5-1 x 10e6 cells
PBMCs1001M50-100 x 10e6 cellsM009C-150 x 10e6 cells
Cryopreserved Human Bone Marrow Products
CD34+ Stem Cells10150.5-1 x 10e6 cellsBM34C-30.5 x 10e6 cells
Cryopreserved Human Cord Blood Products
CD34+ Stem Cells10280.2 x 10e6 cellsCB34C-20.5 x 10e6 cells

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