It Begins with Research

Basic research lays the groundwork for major discoveries that advance human health. Decisions made in the research stages of a drug or therapeutic discovery process can impact progress throughout the development. Consistent availability of high-quality starting material and primary cells is key to ensuring a smooth transition through the drug discovery funnel.

HemaCare supports basic research by providing best-in-class healthy and disease state human-derived blood products, immune cells, and stem cells.

All biological samples are collected under IRB-approved donor consent and protocols by highly-trained clinical staff and processed by its expert scientific team in facilities meeting the quality standards set by the FDA and other government regulatory agencies. HemaCare strives to achieve the highest quality and flexibility in the market at all levels from collection to isolation to ensure that we are the obvious source for starting materials for your basic research endeavors.

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Largest Pedigreed Donor Pool

Access to a reliable, recallable, genetically diverse pool of donors is an ongoing challenge researchers face. Since 1978, HemaCare has maintained the largest, most reliable, and highly-characterized donor pool in the industry. All biological samples are collected under IRB-approved donor consent and protocols by highly-trained clinical staff.

Donor Recruitment Services

Proven Quality Primary Cells

Years of experience in leukapheresis collection, cryopreservation, and efficient cold chain management has provided HemaCare with unparalleled knowledge and insight into the most effective cell handling procedures for maintaining quality and viability. Cells are processed for shipment or cryopreserved by HemaCare’s onsite team of experts immediately following collection from the donor, ensuring minimal loss in viability. Every cellular product is shipped with a certificate of analysis and description of cold-chain custom procedure.

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Cell Processing and Isolation Expertise

HemaCare’s team of expert scientists isolate cells following optimized, internally developed protocols with rigorous adherence to defined parameters meant to minimize cellular stress and increase post-thaw viability. HemaCare’s primary cells are cryopreserved utilizing GMP-grade media and consistently achieve >90% cell viability post-thaw.

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