About HemaCare

HemaCare is a global leader in the customization of human-derived biological products and services for biomedical research, drug discovery, process development, and cell and gene therapy starting material. The company’s network of FDA-registered, GMP/GTP-compliant collection centers ensure fresh donor material is available to customers and for use within HemaCare’s GMP-compliant isolation laboratory. Human biological material including peripheral blood, bone marrow, and cord blood is isolated into various primary cell types for fresh and frozen distribution.

Founded in 1978

For over 40 years, HemaCare has developed an extensive registry of reliable and recallable donors and provides human-derived primary blood cells and tissues for biomedical and drug discovery research, cell therapy clinical trials, and commercial starting material. HemaCare supports commercialization with apheresis collections, directly enabling customers to advance both autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies.

HemaCare is the trusted partner to some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies and research organizations. HemaCare has consistently provided high-quality cellular material for use in the process development for 100% of the currently commercially FDA-approved immunocellular therapies.

HemaCare’s Mission

Providing a best-in-class portfolio of high quality, customizable human cellular material and services to support drug discovery, scientific research, and cell therapy.

HemaCare’s Vision

Advancing drug discovery, scientific research, and cell therapy with the highest quality human cells.