What Is Mobilized Peripheral Blood?

Mobilized peripheral blood is the blood circulating throughout the body that has been treated with a mobilizing agent. The term “mobilization” refers to the process whereby stem cells are encouraged to migrate from the bone marrow to the peripheral circulation where they can be collected via leukapheresis.

The mobilizing agents utilized include plerixafor (MOZOBIL®), G-CSF (Neupogen®), or a combination of both. Both drugs have similar targets within the bone marrow, and ultimately result in a large number of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells being mobilized and extravasated into the bloodstream. Due to the nature of these agents and the complexity surrounding donor recruitment and collection, donors must be monitored closely, and collection must be managed continuously to ensure both donor safety and successful collection.

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Why Use Mobilized Peripheral Blood Products?

Mobilized peripheral blood is increasingly used as the source for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in research and process development for a number of reasons, including availability and ease of collection. Because it is such a rich source of CD34+ and CD133+ stem cells, mobilized leukopaks or stem cells isolated from mobilized leukopaks are routinely used in a variety of research applications examining transplantation, regenerative medicine, and cell-based therapies.

How are Mobilized Peripheral Blood Products Collected?

After dosing, mobilized peripheral blood cells are collected via apheresis by using the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System. Collection is performed in HemaCare’s FDA-registered donor center from IRB-consented healthy human donors.

Mobilized leukopaks are shipped immediately to customers or processed on-site following collection utilizing best-in-class instruments and media and standardized protocols. Rigorous operational controls ensure customers receive reproducible and consistent high-quality cells, eliminating variability. All isolated primary cells, such as mobilized peripheral blood CD34+ cells, are characterized by flow cytometry prior to cryopreservation, guaranteeing customers receive a pure and viable cell population every time.

What are My Dosing Options?

HemaCare mobilizes donors based on established protocols with donor safety being our primary concern. Some aspects of the dosing regimen are customizable upon request. Both G-CSF and Mozobil, or combination options, are available. Mobilizing a donor with both mobilization agents in tandem can increase circulating CD34+ stem cells in the peripheral blood. For more details about our dosing regimens, please contact us.

3, 4, or 5 day mobilization

1 or 2 day mobilization

G-CSF and Mozobil Combination
5 day G-CSF mobilization, 1 day Mozobil mobilization
5 day G-CSF mobilization, 2 day Mozobil mobilization