A Glimpse of Our Facility

HemaCare has moved its global headquarters to Northridge, California. Our new, state-of-the-art facility helps us address the increasing demand for high-quality cellular starting material and maintain the rapid growth the company has experienced in recent years. The new location significantly expands our technical capabilities and is designed to accommodate our specialized cell collection and processing equipment to support clinical and commercial drug development. HemaCare is dedicated to maintaining the same consistently high-quality standards for our products and services for which we are known and look forward to our continued success throughout the coming years in our new location. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about HemaCare’s expansion efforts. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page.

Accelerated Growth and Global Capacity

Due to remarkable growth and increased demand, HemaCare has doubled its donor collection and on-site cell processing capabilities with our 40,000 square-foot facility expansion. The new facility is expertly designed to enable a seamless transition from donor recruitment and collection to downstream processing, storage, and subsequent transport of cell therapy starting materials. It also provides dedicated laboratory space, clean rooms, increased storage capabilities, and much more.

Consistent High Quality

Quality and consistency of starting material is crucial to the success of cell and gene-based therapies. At the core of HemaCare’s products is a commitment to the highest possible level of quality. Our new facility follows the same quality control processes as we have always employed, ensuring that our customers will continue to receive quality product and optimal customer service. Additionally, our cellular products are subject to rigorous quality standards and comply with GMP regulations and documentation.

“Our new headquarters reflects HemaCare’s mission to continue to supply the best-in-class portfolio of high-quality, customizable human cellular material and services to the scientific research and cell therapy industries. It also demonstrates HemaCare’s commitment to equip our current and future employees with the workspace environment and state-of-the-art tools they need to flourish.”

 – Pete van der Wal, President and CEO

Scalability and Innovation

HemaCare’s new facility was built with an eye to the future and allows us to grow with our customers. As bioresearch and cell-based therapies advance, so will we. With four GMP cleanrooms, our on-site GMP facility enables capabilities such as cell collection, cell washing and isolation/separation, controlled-rate freezing for cryopreservation, and biorepository services for controlled storage. Adding these expanded GMP capabilities makes HemaCare the first commercial provider of GMP-compliant human primary cells. These capabilities combined with HemaCare’s industry-leading knowledge and experience further propels our ability to partner with regenerative medicine and cell therapy companies.

Expanded Donor Collection Center

To meet the demand for human-derived biological products, HemaCare has significantly expanded our donor collection capabilities. Our donor collection center includes a larger reception area, seven screening rooms, and an expanded canteen area, with the ability to house up to 24 beds. With an increased donor capacity and bandwidth, HemaCare is in a position to provide an even larger, well-characterized donor database for any cell therapy project. Our welcoming donor collection center and friendly staff help build lasting relationships with donors. Forging these relationships increases the probability that they will continue to donate on a regular basis, thus ensuring consistently reliable and recallable access to high-value donors.