Therapeutic Development

During the discovery stage, intensive research is carried out to identify a biological therapeutic that will progress throughout the development continuum. To investigate therapeutic success, efficacy and toxicity are often assessed using a number of in vitro and in vivo assays requiring the highest quality materials, often with specific donor criteria and strict adherence to regulatory standards.

HemaCare accelerates drug discovery by helping researchers meet their targeted donor requirements across a wide range of physiological and demographic criteria in a timely manner. With access to the specific donors you need, as well as GMP-compliant collection and tested primary cells for in vivo studies, HemaCare can help successfully guide your drug discovery project from start to finish.

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Customizable Donor Selection and Tissue Types

HemaCare’s long-standing relationship with their donors provides them the flexibility to hand-pick donors that meet researcher’s specific criteria and recall those donors for repeat collections. Researchers can request fresh biological material or choose from HemaCare’s large inventory of characterized cryopreserved cells, which include options such as HLA type, demographics, and lifestyle, to name a few.

HemaCare provides healthy and disease-state primary cells, including matched sets. Disease-state products include leukemias and lymphomas, solid tumors (i.e. lung, ovarian, and breast cancer), diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. To meet the specific demands of a project, HemaCare can recruit donors meeting specific criteria, customize collection and cell isolation/processing, and tailor shipping methods.

Donor Recruitment Services

GMP-Compliant Biological Materials

Along with our high-quality research use only cellular materials, HemaPrimeTM cells and tissues, HemaCare provides GMP-compliant GMPrimeTM leukopaks and GMPrime bone marrow aspirate for your discovery and subsequent process development needs. GMP-compliant materials comply with all aspects of quality control testing, compositional analysis, operator training, and records keeping as required by FDA guidelines. All GMP starting materials are collected in HemaCare’s FDA-registered collection center in a GMP environment.

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Supporting Preclinical Studies in Humanized Animal Models

Pre-clinical evaluation is a common and necessary step in the drug development process facilitating evaluation of both the efficacy and toxicity of compounds in a living system. Utilizing model systems that most closely mimic the human immune system has become an industry standard. HemaCare offers a variety of peripheral blood, cord blood, and bone marrow-derived stem cells and PBMCs that can be utilized for engraftment in a variety of animal backgrounds.

The process of engraftment can, however, be difficult due to low engraftment rates, variable immune response of human donor cells, and the risk of eliciting robust immunogenicity. HemaCare has partnered with Charles River to offer an NCG/PBMC Select Humanization Kit, providing researchers the ability to create their own humanized model. This kit is study ready and human PBMCs supplied with the NCG/PBMC Select Humanization Kit have been pre-tested for engraftment to minimize each of these challenges.

NCG/PBMC Kit Advantages