Donor Selection and Sourcing

Donor accessibility is critical for any research study or development of a cell-based therapy. As a therapy or drug moves through research and development to commercialization, the demand for donors that meet certain criteria increases. Since 1978, HemaCare has recruited and developed the largest reliable and recallable donor database in the industry. Our healthy, HLA-typed donor pool consists of a wide range of highly-characterized donors with diverse demographics and clinical parameters. In addition, HemaCare possesses a network of clinics for the recruitment of patients for disease-state biological samples. Through their robust donor pool and dependable clinical network, HemaCare provides researchers with access to the right donor in a timely manner for the advancement of cell-based research.

Reliable and Recallable Donors

Depending on the study criteria (e.g. longitudinal studies), access to recallable donors is critical to the advancement of your project. For the last 40 years, HemaCare has focused on building long-term relationships with a demographically diverse donor pool. These long-term relationships are unparalleled in our industry and valued by our customers. Today, HemaCare proactively maintains these relationships through outreach, while also developing new donor relationships through committed donor recruitment efforts ensuring your project requirements are easily met.

Supporting Autologous and Allogeneic Cell-Based Therapy Development

Access to reliable donors is critical in the development of autologous and allogeneic cell-based therapies.

Autologous cell therapies are highly dependent on healthy starting material. Because starting material from patient donors is impacted by the severity of their disease, it is necessary to use healthy donors to supply adequate starting material for process development and screening assays before moving into clinical trials with patients.

Allogeneic cell therapies rely on a diverse network of reliable donors meeting stringent exclusion and inclusion criteria. Once optimal donors are identified, recallability of donors is critical and a key to success and therapeutic development.

With a vast selection of HLA-typed donors and donors that meet other demographic, lifestyle, and clinical criteria, researchers can confidently request donors and cryopreserved cell products that meet their inclusion and exclusion criteria. In addition, HemaCare can pre-qualify donors with additional screening services to meet specific project parameters.

Meeting Your Donor Requirements

HemaCare can recruit donors or provide samples from our biorepository that meet specific criteria.

  • Repeat or unique donors
  • Healthy and non-healthy donors
  • HLA type, blood type, CMV status
  • Demographics (gender, ethnicity, age, etc.)
  • Lifestyle characteristics (BMI, smoker/non-smoker, etc.)
  • Medical history
  • Additional screening and testing

All HemaCare cellular products are collected from consented donors following IRB-approved protocols. All donors are screened for infectious disease (HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C at minimum) prior to collection. All donor selection, screening, testing, and qualification processes are monitored by HemaCare’s rigorous quality system, ensuring orders meet your specifications and HemaCare’s high-quality standards.