Frequently Asked Questions

What does HemaCare do?

HemaCare is a blood services company serving the scientific community for 40 years. HemaCare supports research and clinical trials, by collecting human-derived biological products from donors and supplying these donated blood products and cells to scientists to assist in the development of potentially life-saving therapies and treatments.


What are the qualification requirements to donate blood or bone marrow?

At minimum, all potential donors must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • weigh at least 110 lbs.
  • be in good health and feeling well
  • not be pregnant

Qualifications vary for each donation, but contact us to see if you qualify and for what option.


I signed up to join your donor pool. What now?

Once you have submitted your contact information, a HemaCare donor services coordinator will contact
you within 24 hours to qualify you as a donor and discuss, in detail, your next steps.

  1. A five-minute telephone screening interview with the HemaCare donor services coordinator. The coordinator will ask you general questions about your health and medical history.
  2. If you qualify to donate based on the pre-screen, we will schedule you to come to HemaCare for a 30-minute in-person New Donor Screening Appointment where you will fill out a questionnaire related to your current medical condition, health history and lifestyle. We will also perform a brief physical examination to check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight, assess your veins, and take a small blood sample to see if your cell count falls within normal range. You will not donate during this appointment.
  3. After we determine you meet the eligibility requirements, we will contact you and inform you of the variety of donation options you qualify for. If you agree to participate in the program, we will schedule your donation appointment.


What should I bring at the time of donation?

  • A valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • A list of medications you are taking (our medical interviewer needs to know what medications you are taking or have recently taken)
  • A list of places you have visited outside of the U.S. in the past 3 years
  • A friend to donate with you! (it’s a great way to enhance this life saving experience by enjoying it with a friend)


I am taking certain medications, can I still donate?

Many medications are acceptable. Consult your physician or contact us if you have questions about your eligibility to donate.


What kinds of questions will be asked when I come to donate?

You will be asked questions about your health and whether you are at risk for certain diseases including AIDS, hepatitis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and West Nile virus.


Will I be compensated for donating for research?

Yes, you will be compensated for your time, travel, and inconvenience for time spent donating. This compensation is based upon the type of collection, volume donated, time spent donating, and how the product is collected. For specific donor compensation amounts, please contact us to discuss an initial donor assessment.


What tests are done on blood?

Blood is tested for hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, Chagas Disease, West Nile Virus, HTLV, and cytomegalovirus.  In addition, it is tested for ABO group (blood type) and RH type (positive or negative) as well as tests for certain antibodies.


If I have a positive blood test, how will I be notified?

You will receive a letter from HemaCare Donor Center.  In some cases you will also receive a phone call.


How long does it take to donate?

It varies based on donation type. Click here to view various donation types.


Can I get a disease from donating?

No, all of the materials used during your donation are pre-packaged, sterile, and disposable.  Once it is used, it is thrown away and destroyed.


If I was deferred once before, am I still ineligible to donate?

No.  Please contact the HemaCare donor center for more information.  We are always looking for healthy
donors and deferred donors as scientists are always in need of various blood components for their studies.


How will my blood or bone marrow be used?

Biotechnology and academic institutions worldwide are researching human cells to find new ways to treat and cure disease, such as various cancers, diabetes, HIV, among others. Any product collected from you will be used for research purposes only.


Will you release my contact information or use my identity?

No, ALL information you give to HemaCare is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or released to any scientist, other company, or individual. All donations involve complete anonymity for the donor. We utilize randomly generated numbers to track products and there are no identifiers that can be traced back to you. Only your age, gender, ethnicity, blood type and other non-identifying information may be reported to the scientist using your blood or cells for research. We are dedicated to keeping your information private and confidential.