About Our Program

Since 1978, the HemaCare Blood Donor Center has provided tailored blood products for transfusion to local hospitals and for research to the scientific community.

Due to the rapid rise in stem cell research and cellular-based therapies, HemaCare has expanded its role and abilities to provide a reliable source of human-derived biological products to academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research organizations that may eventually lead to the discovery and development of life-saving cures and therapies for chronic disease and injury.

To support this research, we strive to develop relationships with healthy donors and encourage them to donate.  By donating, donors play an important part in accelerating research and finding a cure or treatment for life-threatening diseases!

Donor safety is our number one priority!  With 40 years of blood collection experience, donors can be assured that their donations will be performed by our knowledgeable staff of registered nurses and phlebotomists under the direction of a licensed medical physician. Certain types of donations, such as bone marrow collections, will be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner.  Collections are conducted following stringent regulations and requirements as developed by the AABB and accepted by the FDA and State of California.

All donations involve complete anonymity for the donor. HemaCare utilizes randomly generated numbers to track products and there are no identifiers that can be traced back to the donor.

If you are interested in talking to someone about donating, please contact us at 877-310-0717.