“While at Novartis, Biogen, and now Mustang, HemaCare has provided high quality leukapheresis starting material for process development work. They are collaborative, reliable, and a valued partner in the industry.”
— Chief Technology Officer
Mustang Bio, Inc.

“After working in close collaboration for almost one year, I wanted to send you a big thank you! Your support was a key contributor to our high priority project. Just to mention a few, some great things come to mind:
  1. You built capability in your lab to cryopreserve bags according to our requirements within an almost impossible timeline
  2. You ‘created’ a LOT for us which was high on neutrophils so that we could use for further process development, again in tight timelines
  3. Investigated the ideal bifurcation process for us and wrote everything up in an SOP
  4. Realized our shipping requirements within 5 days and shipped right first time after communication of the requirements
What I appreciated the most though was that, through all those activities, you kept quality high and constantly demonstrated a great quality mindset; it was not just about meeting the timeline. Also I never felt like I was on a ‘sales call’, discussions were very science driven and together we stepped on new exciting territory. I had the chance to work with a lot of vendors, but you certainly stand out for me in terms of dedication, flexibility, and quality.”
— Head of Manufacturing
Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

“HemaCare does everything they can from their end of things to make sure the transition goes smoothly. In general, they do excellent work in supporting us, and making sure shipments get on the right plane and get sent out on time.”
— Lead Technical Scientist
European-Based Cell Therapy Company

“When I first started consulting for SpecificiT, I found that, like many start-ups, they were relying on obtaining precursor material from local hospitals and academic apheresis labs, but that model just isn’t workable. In the first place, small academic groups generally don’t have healthy donors, which are critical to process development, and also collection is simply not dependable. If you want to get the product you need, WHEN you need it, HemaCare is the way to go.”
— Former COO and VP of Manufacturing
Argos Therapeutics

“With HemaCare, the quality is highly consistent, which of course is critical to our research. HemaCare is also extremely helpful in planning processing runs, and in understanding our logistical limitations. They are very flexible, for example if we need to split an order and have it ship to multiple sites, or if we pre-order for a certain week, but then need to re-schedule due to a change in circumstances. Because of these factors and the high quality of product received we are extremely happy with their service.”
— Vice President, Manufacturing and Research & Development

“Our experience with HemaCare and their products has been very positive. Their staff is willing to work with us to meet our needs for non-standard shipping conditions and their prices are very competitive. We have been able to extract good yields of high molecular weight DNA of high purity from whole blood obtained from HemaCare donors, and the DNA has proved to be excellent starting material for NGS libraries. Our shipments have always arrived on time and in excellent condition. We definitely plan to use HemaCare services in the future.”
— Senior Scientist R&D
Bioo Scientific Corporation

“The last collection couldn’t be any better! It had a high amount of WBCs overall, high percentage of monocytes and only 2% grans…..it was perfect. I want to add that the staff at HemaCare that we have worked with have been invaluable and a joy to work with. We would consult with them after each collection on what could possibly be modified in the procedure to improve the collection, if anything, and they welcomed any adjustments we wanted to make, which is refreshing. We feel we are at a good place as far as the procedure and this last product really showed that. We just put in an order for two more collections! Additionally, we are also testing a shipper and temperature monitor for our PHIII upcoming trial, so being able to use/test these live for actual products is extremely helpful. I have given Coleen a laundry list of very detailed steps to ensure the product is packed exactly as they will be in our upcoming trial….and she has willingly taken our requests and followed through. Her and her team have gone above and beyond to help us get exactly what we need.””
— Senior Process Development Associate
Argos Therapeutics, Inc.

“We have been relying on HemaCare as a source of fresh whole blood for research studies characterizing our sample stabilization buffer. Not only did HemaCare have an IRB already set-up to allow us access to multiple donors, but they were also able to accommodate our unique requests. Since we are measuring gene expression, maintaining sample RNA integrity is a priority for us. HemaCare was able to implement our procedure without fail. HemaCare is always responsive to our requests, including arranging for donors on short notice. We were especially impressed with the personal touch taken by the laboratory manager in assisting us with on-site set up of our samples. With this type of customer service, HemaCare is not only a vendor, but also a partner in our research and development.”
— Director of Product Development
DxTerity Diagnostics

“…And we thank you very much for your consistent helpfulness and resourcefulness through the years. I understand that our needs are sometimes quite unusual and you and HemaCare have been very accommodating through them all. Without your help (and HemaCare), many of our programs may not have been as efficient as they have been. Again, thank you and we look very much forward for another exciting year.”
— Group Leader, Cell Biology
Xencor, Inc.