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For 40 years, HemaCare has provided high-quality biological material needed to ensure quality research outcomes. Because all projects are different, HemaCare offers clients the opportunity to customize their request in order to meet their unique needs and requirements giving customers the flexibility to optimize their research and product development. Whether it is customizing cell collection or isolation, recruiting or pre-screening donors with specific criteria or recalling donors, or meeting packaging and shipping requirements, leveraging our robust donor pool and our 40 years of expertise can be your advantage when performing these complex research projects. Your research. Our cells. Your way.

Some of our customizations options include:

  • Healthy donor and patient recruitment services
  • Donor selection meeting specific criteria (i.e., HLA, age, etc.)
  • Lot validation or characterization services
  • Protocol-specific collections
  • Fulfillment of rare, difficult-to-isolate, or specific cell requests
  • Enhanced viral testing
  • Fresh or frozen cell formats
  • Packaging and shipping specifications

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