Cellular Therapy


From bench to patient – we are committed to your success!

HemaCare expertise in apheresis can be your advantage in the development and qualification of novel cell and gene therapies, assays, and medical devices.  From preclinical research through phase III clinical trials, HemaCare can be your choice for collecting cells from patients for cGMP manufacturing of clinical cell therapy products and validation studies.

Apheresis collection is our specialty for 40 years. We have optimized cell collection by:

  • controlling and qualifying our apheresis procedures and collection sites
  • applying cGMP to achieve a higher degree of reproducibility

HemaCare supports:

  • non-clinical studies
  • clinical trials
  • commercial product manufacturing
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Partner with HemaCare:

  • IRB-approved collection protocols and donor consents
  • Large registry of repeat-donor subjects
  • Availability of Donor Clinical Data
  • Ability to provide cGTP-compliant collections
  • Optimized, reliable, and validated collection procedures
  • Time from collection to processing is immediate
  • Consistently high yield and quality viable cells
  • Validated, automated cell counts and five-part WBC differentials
  • Certificate of Analysis includes donor information and cell count/purity for all products
  • Direct access to our Scientists via their hotline
  • Hassle-free ordering and delivery

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HemaCare also supports the
advancement of Cell Therapy,
as published in the Journal of Cell Therapy.