Unmatched Expertise So You Can Focus On Your Project

Cell processing and isolation can be time consuming, costly, and difficult to schedule upon arrival of fresh starting material. With HemaCare’s cell processing and cell isolation services, customers can save time and money and strictly focus on their project. Our procedures are designed to minimize product variability while ensuring reproducible results. With cell processing and isolation expertise, optimized cryopreservation protocol, standardized SOPs, stringent quality standards, and rigorous QC testing, customers can expect consistently pure, viable, and functional cells with guaranteed cell counts. HemaCare is committed to providing high-quality products and services, supporting the customized needs of researchers.

GMP-Compliant Cells – Coming Soon

High-quality precursor material gives cell therapy products the greatest chance of success. HemaCare’s cell isolation and processing services support the research and scientific community by providing GMP quality cells in a safe and reproducible manner. Optimizing healthy immune and stem cells isolated from leukapheresis-derived or bone marrow-derived starting material ensures downstream efficacy of a cell-based therapy. Preparing cells for further manufacturing involve meeting various demands, including:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protocol compliance
  • Achievement of target doses of healthy cells
  • Process reproducibility
  • Efficiency and speed

To meet these demands, HemaCare:

  • Utilizes a closed system within state-of-the-art clean rooms
  • Follows a validated and comprehensive quality system

Same Day Processing, Isolation, and Cryopreservation

Purification, isolation, and cryopreservation of cells are performed immediately following collection utilizing best-in-class instruments and media and standardized protocols. HemaCare’s rigorous operational controls mitigate any potential loss while ensuring viable and functional cells post thaw, guaranteeing customers receive consistent high-quality cells.

Features of HemaCare’s Processing and Isolation Services:

  • Same day processing, isolation, and cryopreservation upon collection
  • Integrated workflow solutions
  • Minimal room temperature exposure and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Best-in-class biopreservation and cryopreservation media
  • Rate-controlled cryopreservation

Cell Processing and Isolation Services

We understand pure, viable, and functional cells are critical to research and development. HemaCare offers a full range of cell processing and cell isolation services led by a dedicated team of experts. Furthermore, we can customize processing, isolation, and culture to meet your project needs. Whether it is for research, process development, clinical trials, or preparing cells for further manufacturing, HemaCare is committed to delivering high-quality human primary cells.

Cell Processing Services

  • Volume and concentration change
  • Aliquoting
  • Resuspension in preferred media (i.e. storage, shipment)
  • Cell culture, expansion, and differentiation
  • Flow cytometry characterization
  • Processing/Sorting of leukopaks

Cell Isolation Services

  • Density gradient
  • Positive and negative immunomagnetic isolation
  • Enrichment and purification of subsets of cells

Short-Term Cryostorage

HemaCare offers cryostorage of your biological samples on a project basis. This service facilitates short-term storage of samples either collected and processed at HemaCare or received from external sources in anticipation of further processing. Storage capabilities include ultra low (-60°C and colder) and vapor phase LN2 (-150°C and below).

  • Monitored 24/7 for temperature and humidity
  • Call out alarm monitoring system
  • Comprehensive backup power strategy
  • LN2 bulk tank and a comprehensive back-up generator system
  • Secured access and around-the-clock surveillance
  • Comprehensive inventory management system