HemaCare Announces OneBlood Exercises Second Investment Tranche Option

(Los Angeles – January 8, 2018) HemaCare Corporation (OTCBB: HEMA), a leading provider of human-derived primary blood cells and tissues for biomedical research, has announced a second tranche investment, effective December 28, 2017, by a wholly-owned subsidiary of OneBlood, Inc., a not-for-profit blood center based in Florida. Under the terms of the agreement signed January 6, 2017, OneBlood is purchasing an additional 363,786 shares at $3.44 per share.

“OneBlood is an industry-leading blood center that is known for its innovative and progressive approaches. Based on HemaCare’s sustained outstanding performance, OneBlood’s wholly-owned subsidiary exercised their option to make the second tranche investment,” said Pete van der Wal, Chief Executive Officer for HemaCare. “In addition, both parties continue performing according to the terms of the Sales and Distribution Agreement executed in January, 2017,” said van der Wal.

“The partnership with HemaCare is mutually beneficial,” said Mr. Scholl, Chief Executive Officer for OneBlood. “We are excited to be a part of an initiative that is helping provide scientists and clinical researchers with what they need to find the next generation of medical cures,” said Scholl.