Pure and viable human primary cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood!  Disease state cells available now!

Choose from our large portfolio of cryopreserved cells isolated by expert scientists at HemaCare!

Quality Systems in place, from FDA-registered donor collection center to rigorous operational controls

Cell Tissues

Human hematopoietic stem cells and blood derived cell products are HemaCare’s specialty. We focus on peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood and mobilized peripheral blood so you can be assured you are getting the best blood products for your research.

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Cell Types

HemaCare’s portfolio offers isolated hematopoietic cells from both the lymphoid production path and the myeloid lineage. Many are offered as either positive or negative selection using best in class immunomagnetic separation technology with our own proprietary protocols.

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Disease State

If you need disease state whole blood, serum, plasma or mononuclear cells, HemaCare is your source!HemaCare’s portfolio includes infectious diseases, solid tumor and hematopoietic cancers, and autoimmune samples to further your research. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us!

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Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

From bench to bedside – we are committed to cell therapy and your success!

Apheresis collection is our specialty. With 40 years of experience, we have optimized cell collection by controlling and qualifying our apheresis procedure based on cGMP practices,  bringing a higher degree of reproducibility and quality product to research projects or manufacturing development.  Our extensive global portfolio of support services span non-clinical studies, clinical trials, and commercial product manufacturing, providing complementary resources and expertise to enhance your studies.

Our Laboratory:

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Our services and products include:

  • Apheresis leukopaks- fresh or cryo-preserved
  • Mobilized apheresis collections
  • Cell isolation (positive or negative selection)
  • PBMC
  • Customized donor selection
  • CofA includes count and viability
  • Serological testing

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(Los Angeles, CA – February 20, 2018)  HemaCare Corporation (OTCBB: HEMA), a global leader in the customization of human-derived biological products and services for biomedical research and cell therapy, has announced that the Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held at their corporate headquarters 15350 Sherman Way, Suite 423, Van Nuys, California on Thursday, June […]

HemaCare partnering with Charles River

PBMC humanization kits for NCG mouse models facilitate infectious disease and immuno-oncology research   (Los Angeles, CA – February 6, 2018) HemaCare Corporation (OTCBB: HEMA), a global leader in the customization of human-derived biological products and services for biomedical research and cell therapy, and Charles River Laboratories International, Inc.,  a leading early-stage contract research organization, […]

HemaCare Partner OneBlood

(Los Angeles – January 8, 2018) HemaCare Corporation (OTCBB: HEMA), a leading provider of human-derived primary blood cells and tissues for biomedical research, has announced a second tranche investment, effective December 28, 2017, by a wholly-owned subsidiary of OneBlood, Inc., a not-for-profit blood center based in Florida. Under the terms of the agreement signed January […]